TemaVento SYNC board is a board dedicated to those who want to dare in aerial maneuvers. It is the shortest board of all: it measures 1.15 meters in length. Its peculiar characteristics are the deck which has a lowered deck compared to the edge and a tucked under edge which favors the air grip if the rider wants to take maneuvers in the air.

The bottom has a very accentuated biconcave that goes from the nose to the rails. Rails remain slightly raised respect to the floor of the bottom to facilitate the lever of the column.This particular shape and absolutely innovative technique ensure an immediate start and greater safety in maneuver as well as in all gaits. The short columns can be exploited to the maximum with measures ranging from 60 cm to 101 cm.

The SYNC board is the product of years of research and development on materials, of various lamination attempts, of crossings of different types of carbon and of the study of a type of carbon resin that enhances the structure of the board even more by providing it with more body and substance. The increasing presence of carbon nanotubes inside the resin ensures maximum board strength. The same robustness that ensures absolute stability for maneuvers, durability over time and total reliability of the tuttle. The combination of high density foam and different types of carbon fabric ranging from plane to batavia and biaxial constitute the exceptional combination that makes SYNC an exceptionally solid and long-lasting board.





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