Temavento’s MAKO series is dedicated to the Sup Wave proposed in three different sizes and volumes ranging from 85 to 135 liters.

Holding a Sup Mako under your arm will leave you stunned. It weighs two kg less than the best boards on the market. It is built in double full carbon sandwich according to the same construction processes as TemaVento Windsurf boards. The extraordinary combination of polystyrene marked Hipor and Airex of 80kg per cubic meter combined with carbon and resin with nanotubes provides Sup Mako with unrivaled reliability and lightness.

These are quad / 5 fin or truster boards depending on the width of the stern and the rider’s need. The shape of this board, regardless of size and volume, allows a very fast start and a change of edge on the radical wave that leaves you surprised. With a slight pressure on the stern you can immediately direct the board to where you want. If on one side the Sup Mako gives you the feeling of floating on a longboard on the other it allows you to turn one of a much more radical board almost like a short one. The rocker line is very accentuated and guarantees the rider an exceptional maneuverability in all conditions, from calm seas to the most important waves.

With Sup Mako you can stand waiting for the wave, you can paddle on the walk, you can surf a foam and you can take the wave of your dreams.






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