The Big Game board is the revolutionary TemaVento board. It was born dedicated to the Wing but it has four uses. Despite its variety of uses it is a simple and accessible board even for the less experienced. The board has a continuous rocker line designed to be able to approach and practice Sup Wave maneuvers. Although shorter than a Sup Wave, it has a quad and four fins that allow you to catch the waves as if it were a Sup Wave. The Big Game board is perfect to be used with the Foil since the centering of the tuttle- strictly custom made – is longer and allows you to move the Foil on the rails. Rails have a double entrance to facilitate assembly. The length of the rails and the possibility of moving the Foil on them, allows the use of the board also for Windsurfing Foil by placing the rails completely towards the stern. The Big Game board being very voluminous, wide and short is perfect for the discipline of Windsurfing Foil. It is compatible with any type of Foil with the plate and enhances all uses with the different types of Foil (Wing, Sup, Windsurf). It is a fun, practical and comfortable board thanks to its small size. Regarding the shape, in addition to having a continuous rocker line, it is concave on the whole hull and on the deck. It has very high edges and a very rounded tucked under edge which gives a sense of accompaniment on the wave, ensuring greater stability for the athlete. The board has an ultra-reinforced mini track hand shaped on the deck for mounting the mast foot and is equipped with straps for the wing. On the bottom it has the tuttle for the quad fins FCS II and the elongated rails for the different foils. The Big Game is built with a Hipor polystyrene core to ensure density on the whole board and is made of double sandwiches in full carbon nanotechnology both on the deck and on the bottom.





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